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Today’s homebuyers search for authenticity, expect dialogue and want far more than basic MLS data. Clikbrix easily and affordably equips agents and brokers with a turnkey, mobile website and QR code system of content-rich features and tools that beautifully captures listing details plus speaks to the lifestyle and emotional needs of homebuyers—leading them on an interactive, mobile journey beyond the property walls.

Features that fuel aspiration—inspiring consumers
to buy from you, list with you, or both.
Clikbrix empowers you to publish meaningful information about yourself, your listings and the neighborhoods that surround them – making you an essential advisor in the home buying process.
Your fully branded mobile website
The epicenter of your mobile marketing strategy. Easily craft its look and feel by uploading your profile picture, logo and then choosing a color theme to create a stunning mobile website. Emphasize your personal brand by including your own video story plus capture your brand essence with a pithy tagline.
Drive lead generation
One-touch contact, 9 different ways from every mobile page.
Social network energized
Visitors share your professional profile and property listings on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as send a one-click email to anyone, including back to their personal PC.
Designer codes
Distinguish yourself in a virtual sea of typically anonymous 2D codes. We offer optional custom designer codes that virtually leap from all your print materials.
Seller’s Story
Sync with your buyers’ emotional needs. Express the soul of your listing by offering the seller’s intimate take on their life at this address.
Neighborhood Insider
Satisfy your buyers’ lifestyle needs. Bring the neighborhood to life by amplifying its most compelling nuggets of information, vibe and culture.
What’s Nearby
Homebuyers click to see all the area’s local amenities including shopping, restaurants, schools, public transportation and more.
Full screen picture gallery
Include up to 25 vivid full color photos that automatically adapt to all device screens regardless of smart phone type.
The Google+ Virtual Open House
The very first for real estate. Host your own mobile open house from your mobile device using Google+ Hang Out. People can watch and participate in real time from across the city, country, or the world.
Mobile video show and tell
Present your own story and the stories of your properties with video-ready buttons that link directly to your professional profile and property tour videos.
IDX and MLS integration for brokerage solutions
Link directly to your MLS or IDX core data feed. Subject to MLS approval and availability.
Real time reporting
Tracking reports on property and profile visits, social network activity and click-throughs.
Fast set up
Zero technical knowledge to get started. Easily craft the look and feel of your mobile website
in minutes.
A single, powerful QR code
Your Clikbrix OnlyCode™ effortlessly links people to your mobile site and listings so no more juggling multiple QR codes. Its application is infinite from signs to signs to promotional materials.
Device smart
Displays seamlessly (and beautifully) across multi-platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows and current Blackberry devices.
By 2013 more people will use their mobile devices than PCs to get online. Clikbrix empowers you to quickly and economically create a stunning, branded mobile website where you create and manage your professional profile, publish your property listings and promote it all with QR codes.

Become a Clikbrix member absolutely free! Free Agent is for lighter users and for those who want to get more familiar with the power of mobile marketing.

As a Free Agent you have system access to a maximum of 3 property listings at one time, along with all of the same innovative features and functionality as Pro Agent.

  • Your own branded mobile website
  • 3 property listings
  • Your OnlyCode™
  • Individual codes for each of your properties
  • Detailed real time reporting
  • Option to purchase Designer QR code/s
  • No credit card required and option to upgrade to Pro Agent any time
Pro Agent Monthly $21.95/month
No contract required, paid montly on the date you subscribed; no commitments, you may cancel at any time
Pro Agent Annual $199/year
Save nearly 25% when you pay for 1 year upfront. Paid annually on the date you subscribe
Multi User Discounts
Preferred pricing for agency-wide sign up and longer subscription terms; contact us for details
Whether you choose Pro Agent Monthly or Pro Agent Annual all Clikbrix members get the same innovative system features (links to Features grid in Overview) with UNLIMITED property listings.
  • Your own branded mobile website
  • UNLIMITED property listings
  • Your OnlyCode™
  • Individual codes for each of your properties
  • Detailed user metrics
  • Option to purchase a Designer QR code
  • Credit card required and option to seamlessly upgrade to Pro Agent Monthly

Clikbrix develops and supports remarkable brokerage and office level mobile solutions that can boost agent performance. In addition to all of the Clikbrix innovative features, multi-agent custom branded mobile websites include Home and About pages, Search Functionalities and Unlimited Property Listings, plus the option for MLS/IDX feed integration*.

  • Uniquely branded to your brokerage or agency specifications
  • Option for MLS/IDX data feed integration
  • Property search functionalities
  • ‘Search For An Agent’ functionality
  • About Your Brokerage/Agency page
  • Brokerage or agency awards and accolades page
  • Brokerage or agency contact, map and hours page
  • Unlimited property listings and unlimited property codes
  • Unique Designer QR codes for your brokerage brand and your agents
  • Comprehensive real-time tracking and reporting for your brokerage, agents and property listings

*A Data Transfer agreement is required to provide direct data transfers. We’ll work with you regarding arranging this transfer agreement. Setup times vary depending on your local Board’s policies and Data Agreements.

With a 5000% rise barcode scanning adoption across North America in 2011, QR codes are showing up everywhere. Used in tandem with your branded mobile website, Clikbrix Designer QR codes empower you to truly make your mark in a virtual ‘sea’ of black and white code pixels – typically boosting consumer scan rates.

The cost for each Designer Code is $50, which includes integration of your full color profile picture (or brand graphic element) and specified color/s ensuring it virtually leaps from your For Sale signs, promotional print materials and computer screens. Please contact us to order.

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